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“I really enjoyed coming to the boot camp. (Trusted Advisor Success Training) There was so much information shared. I’m excited to get back in the and apply what I have learned. The crew at the Insurance Pro Shop have a real desire to help agents to be able to truly help their clients.” Holly Peterson  ID (3 years) June 2017

“I’m excited and have been gaining a lot of value already in our business through your membership site my husband has joined. We have been searching for over 3 years now for the right stuff to help us grow, it is clear you offer what we have been looking for. Thank you so much and looking forward to the coaching also!” Melanie Roger – Canada, June 2017

“I’ve been in the business about 8 years and generally have focused on Medicare and final expense. After attending an IPS Bootcamp and buying the Found Money Management Toolkit I’ll admit I never really implemented Lew’s and Jeremy’s concepts into my practice. After about 2 years of reading and not acting, I finally made the click and utilized what they’ve been preaching all along. Sitting with a client that had about $70,000 in debt I was able to help them get out of debt in about 2 1/2 years instead of 12. At the same time I was able to help them set aside for retirement and wrote a $10,500 annual premium dividend paying life case. It’s amazing how much easier it is to write a case when you’re HELPING someone instead of selling!

Secondly, after the initial click, I decided to send some review letters and beneficiary updates. A client I had thought I couldn’t do anything more with, received another inheritance and had about $120,000 in the bank. Out of sight out of mind. We’re now writing another $10,000 life case and her sister who received the same inheritance now wants to work with our group.

Moral of the story don’t delay… don’t procrastinate… trust IPS, Lew and Jeremy. Their process works! I was stubborn to see it. They’ve changed my practice and opened up huge new opportunities that can build my practice for generations to come!” Ryan Biniak – IA, (8 Years) May 2017

“Jeremy, I took 2 apps for their family last night!!! Thank you, thank you! The illustrations I tried to run before the presentation did NOT give me the numbers you did. I am so grateful for your expertise & your help. Again, thank you for helping me help so many families! You guys gave me hope for this business again! (And hope has a MUCH bigger payout than a paycheck!) Many thanks,” Christine Lopez – CA, (12 years) May 2017

“Jeremy, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your coaching. Following your sales system and working one on one with you has helped me increase my sales. I know it took some time to get me started but this year I have already doubled my production and written higher quality policies. I look forward to updating you as the year goes on.”  Robert Lilly, Farmers Insurance, MO (15 years)  April 2017

“I just got off the phone with my CPA – I increased my bottom line 2 and half times over last year! He wanted to know what I was doing differently. He’s impressed – and wants to do a joint venture with me. You guys are right on the money. Your system absolutely works! My clients are happier and better off and so am I. I’ve said the same before but this is real proof. The bottom line doesn’t lie!” Audrey Sendrowski – MA (10 years) March 2017